MCODE Constructionist bracelet brass op wit dichtbij closeup (2)
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As featured in the Wall Street Journal.

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Product Description

This 3D printed Constructionist bracelet was inspired by modern architecture and its use of complex repetitive geometrical structures. I am fascinated by how these structures can behave to create objects that look seemingly organic and unique, objects that change their appearance depending on the angle you look at them. This inspiration has resulted in this collection of intricate and elegant bracelets, that change their appearance constantly as you move and wear them.
Wall Street Journal: “designer Maaike van der Horn’s Bracelet Constructionist Sleek is an intricate, envelope-pushing design”

This high gloss shiny statement bracelet in brass is constructed by 3D printing, where the object is built up layer on layer from wax, then cast in goldcoloured brass. This design is approx 4cm high.

Size Small/Medium (6,5 cm opening), let me know if you would like another size.

Also available in silver and gold, please inquire!

Brass can discolor over time. If this happens, this is easily cleaned by putting the bracelet in a bowl of water plus a a dash of vinegar for 15 minutes. Do note that for some people brass does not work well (green stains that may rub off on your skin).