Curl Bracelet Brass matte on model 2 620x421
img_2067Curl Bracelet Brass gloss hammered on feltCurl Bracelet Brass matte on model 2 620x421

Cuff CURLS bracelet



Product Description

This cuff bracelet is an original design by me, inspired by intricate lace and curl patterns. I tried to match my secret love of curly laces with my penchant for all things geometrical, the result is an abstract pattern of stylized repetitive curls.
I love the beautiful gold colour of this brass material. Each piece is finished in a different way by me at my atelier. This item is polished glossy, hammered for a playful effect.

Brass tends to darken over time. The cuffs are coated with a special wax to protect and to prevent this darkening and to prevent stains. (If stains do occur these are easily cleaned by putting the bracelet in a bowl of water plus vinegar; do note that for some people brass does not work well (green stains may rub off on your skin).